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Subject: Nier Automata
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guillium 5.03.17 - 08:18am
If you haven't, try the demo... one of the best game demos I have EVER played. Still playing Horizon Zero Dawn, but after the demo I couldn't resist pre-ordering * +

psnality 5.03.17 - 08:40am
I watched it and that thingy that flies about near him all the time would really bug me, it's like a fly that I just want to go away cause it looks really annoying.
Apart from that it looks good. * +

guillium 5.03.17 - 10:15am
It's a robot helper/weapon...Game is gonna be very good, that's just one linear dungeon section, the game itself is an open-world action RPG * +

psnality 5.03.17 - 02:10pm
Oh okay, no demo for PC pfft.
I still want Final Fantasy the new one but this does look good, will have to watch a bit more to see if it grabs me. * +

endemic 5.03.17 - 11:21pm
Have the first Nier. Never played. * +

crail 6.03.17 - 03:21am

@ endemic - 5.03.17 - 11:21pm
Have the first Nier. Never played.

Mrs platinumed it. She loved it to bits * +

guillium 6.03.17 - 07:19am
Nier was good, but too rough and repetitive, so never finished it...Automata looks like it's gonna be something special, though * +

guillium 19.03.17 - 10:13pm
Potential GOTY...combat is superb, and the game is nuts, and just keeps getting better and better * +

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