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manchesr 22.07.15 - 09:20am
Anyone got any tips for this mission? I've gotta get a head shot to the guy trying to kill jimmy before he drops him from the boat ontothe road. IIt's hard aiming whilst driving. Any help would be appreciated. . Thanks * +

sourface 22.07.15 - 09:21am
Im not very at this game(haha) sorry not helpfull at all huh * +

3mel 22.07.15 - 09:33am
google for a walk through video on YouTube with that mission title * +

guillium 22.07.15 - 01:49pm
Trevor? You mean Franklin? Don't think you need to get him with a headshot...it's a straight bit of road, just get behind the boat, make sure you're driving straight and take pot shots at the guy. Can't be that difficult...I did it lol * +

sourface 22.07.15 - 05:13pm
What the* Not very good(doh3) * +

dan27notts 22.07.15 - 09:18pm
I remember the mission, cant remember it being tricky though. Think i just shot wildly and got lucky lol * +

oligarch 23.07.15 - 01:00am
I think I just blasted them.
Get in under the boom and catch Jimmy.
Let Franklin jump back in the car.
Watch boat drive away.
Cry about boat..

I think that's how I did it * +

manchesr 23.07.15 - 06:32am
Ok cheers guys *

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