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Subject: Gaming PC Build
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mikewall 11.03.15 - 03:02pm
Hi been a bit since I've been here, I have acquired a few parts on the cheap and am looking to turn it into a gaming pc. I have a Intel 5690k, inno3d geforce gtx970, gigabyte z97x sli mobo. Plan on adding 16gb (4x4gb) corsair vengance 1866 ram, 512gb ssd and a 4tb hdd, bd writer. The parts I have cost me 80 so got a bargain there. Seen a nice case aerocool ds200. This should be a nice build and tips? This will be my first pc build quite looking forward to it * +

sean316 11.03.15 - 06:01pm
what * +

newt182 11.03.15 - 06:36pm
''The parts I have cost me 80 so got a bargain there.'' How is that possible? Even if they were stolen and a drug addict desperately wanted to get rid of them he would still get hundreds. * +

newt182 11.03.15 - 06:41pm
You will need a good PSU too. Spend about 80 pounds on about a 700 watt one. * +

mikewall 11.03.15 - 08:22pm
No chap at work started professional video editing needed better CPU and GPU (Cost 4000) just wanted to shift his old stuff.

PSU got an antec edge 750 modular * +

joshuaz3 12.03.15 - 12:14am
zzzzzzzzzz * +

oligarch 12.03.15 - 12:20am
dat price * +

phallica 12.03.15 - 12:59am
Good deal, dayum. * +

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