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Subject: Metro Redux
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guillium 4.09.14 - 11:22pm
Playing 2033 atm, very very impressed...especially when 4A has squeezed both it and Last Light into a 14gb install, while Wolfenstein The New Order was 48gb, and still didn't look as good bar a few sections lol Enjoying the game a lot too * +

psnality 4.09.14 - 11:58pm
What is it about? Why are you impressed
What is 4A?
Readers want to know * +

norega 5.09.14 - 11:03am
It was a good game to start with befor the redux versions . The last gen consoles even done a good job but it was overlooked because its not call of dooty or battlefail * +

phallica 5.09.14 - 02:41pm
Metro is one of my favourite games of the last few years, a stealth play was awesome. I preferred the human sections more than with the nosalises, and the freaky librarian section. * +

guillium 5.09.14 - 03:16pm
I'm on the War chapter atm. Creeping through the dark like a ninja ninja I'm mixing it up, I'll stealth but I will use guns if it gets sticky. Can't compare it to the original, but it seems like they've done a great job updating it. * +

psnality 5.09.14 - 03:44pm
Thanks....yeah....great review * +

guillium 5.09.14 - 03:47pm
It wasn't a review. It's remarks in a games forum about a game that most gamers will be aware of. Want a review? Then go to a review site. * +

nobyboy 5.09.14 - 04:02pm
metro wont work on my pc, it did work but when i try now its sats netro 2033 has stopped working wtf * +

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