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Titanfall Top, as Xbox One sales Double - Page 1/1

Subject: Titanfall Top, as Xbox One sales Double
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mikewall 18.03.14 - 06:08am
Titanfall tops uk charts, with fastest selling game of 2014. Xbox One uk sales double.


Jump ahead. (Thumbs_up) * +

cyberman 18.03.14 - 12:03pm
until some exclusive come 2 the ps4 theres no such thing as loyalty these days sad then agen do u blame them ps4 is the better machine lol * +

asurreym 18.03.14 - 01:08pm
Wish I had built a gaming pc instead of buying a xbone,Iv only played ryse and ac all the rest look cr*p * +

gooji 18.03.14 - 02:55pm
Titanfall is the first 'AAA' exclusive of 2014
Xbox one users have been desperate for this since launch... Of course it's topped the charts, there's nothing else around. Chuck a turd filled sausage in a room full of starving dogs and they'll rate it highly * +

spartan2 18.03.14 - 03:02pm
(lol) see the latest jimquisition where he says why PS4 is killing it and why he is right * +

spartan2 18.03.14 - 03:07pm

The bit at the end. I'm right and you're.......wrong (lol) *

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