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Subject: Ready for Discless?
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mikewall 3.02.14 - 04:05pm
Since getting my xbox one I've not brought a disc based game but preferred the ease of DDL. Ok I know a lot of people still want to trade in but I'm getting annoyed at trade in prices. Another issue with some will be speed but that's not an issue. Are you ready for Discless? * +

spartan2 3.02.14 - 04:15pm
Not on a console where the manufacturer can control the market and set ridiculous prices. Like they do already. * +

ooking6oo 3.02.14 - 04:37pm
Dude you could say the same of the ps4 or even pc. * +

norega 3.02.14 - 09:01pm
I would be happy with no discs on console's so it could be just like pc if the prices stayed reasonable .It would sure get rid of the peasents and jipo second hand games shops . I havent purchased a disc based pc game for going on 5 years now . Suits me fine * +

spartan2 3.02.14 - 10:39pm
You can say the same about PS4 but not PC. PC is an open platform. You can buy off the publisher directly or a key off any retailer you feel like even if the game has to run on the publisher's specific platform i.e uplay etc. Which provides competition that the consoles cannot have if the only purchase option is directly from the console manufacturer's controlled store...

That is the massive difference between why it works for PC at the moment but not for consoles because they want to control the market much tighter. Until you can basically buy keys for any game on console from any retailer it would be mad to want digital only on console. * +

newt182 4.02.14 - 04:01am

@ ooking6oo - 3.02.14 - 04:37pm
Dude you could say the same of the ps4 or even pc.

Have you seen the very small amount of PC games in high street game stores? High street stores no longer care about PC games because they aren't the main distribution method anymore. When it comes to console games, they are, and because of that they can tell publishers how much they have to sell digital copies online for. The publishers are forced to do what they say or they lose out on high street shops selling their games. * +

gooji 4.02.14 - 07:56am
Consoles aren't ready for disc-less gaming... I got bf4, ghosts, don't starve, warframe,contrast,sound shapes plus killzone and ac4 installed from disc and my memory is down to half. Lego movie, thief, second sun and outlast are arriving very soon and that's gonna rip out another huge chunk of memory.. .I could uninstall items but why should I? I don't play bf4 that much but it's good to have there... I don't play killzone online much but enjoy a blast, why should I have to sit through an install so I can play half hour TDM? They aren't ready for disc-less..... That being said, they're not even capable of disc based gaming no more.. How I miss them days of popping a disc in and playing it after a very small load up. * +

norega 4.02.14 - 11:40am
I know loads of gamers on both next gen consoles that have gone digital only . If the cost was cheaper i would also but there is no way im paying the prices they want at the moment . * +

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