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Subject: Steam Talk
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alvar89 18.10.13 - 09:10pm
2 of my favorite old strategy games Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader got official HD pack today! (faint) usually u had problems getting those manually and hassle around with them a bit . Steam messing around with old classics like those made me really love them even more (happy) * +

newt182 18.10.13 - 09:47pm
Best gaming platform ever! (winner) Over the next ten years Steam will become the number one gaming platform for everyone. Bye bye consoles. * +

kenb2321 18.10.13 - 10:03pm
I had a hell of a crash other night and when pc restarted some reason bunch of files went missing..no sound, wmp wont even load..and some reason my skyrim.esm dissapeared too, nmm won't work. Tried system restore...no luck..finally got sound back. so ive been playing stronghold 2 in between fixes. I seen stronghold1 HD on gog for 5.99.. loved stronghold series..never played 3 but from what i hear its pretty awful.. * +

alvar89 18.10.13 - 10:09pm
the newer strongholds dont seem that good i finished legends but i still like the 1st and crusader the best. * +

kenb2321 18.10.13 - 10:17pm
2 ain't bad .1 is still my fav. 2 seems little harder, kept failing mission last night as I'm supposed to stock neighboring countys granary and my own...I cut my rations in half but neighboring county were fn pigs.. couldn't haul food there fast enough * +

alvar89 18.10.13 - 10:28pm
2 and 3 i havent finished else i have. 1st had the best story and it continues in the 3rd. if you like the 1st you will love crusader its all that 1st had with alot of extras and different gameplay types. you can battle upto 8 on one huge map vs pc or players your choice. you can even make seperate teams and send goods to eachother its a epic lan game. * +

kenb2321 18.10.13 - 10:33pm
I can spend countless hours on free build too. Stronghold is (king) * +

alvar89 18.10.13 - 10:36pm
ill try 2 again some time i remember quitting it on my old desktop it ran like s**t on it that was the main reason (lol) i have the whole series of 5 games on steam so i can play them whenever i want (happy) * +

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