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Official GTAV V guide - Page 1/46

Subject: Official GTAV V guide
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pryerlee 18.09.13 - 11:25am
The official guide to the best game ever made GTAV... if you have any tips, guides or info we should know about add it to this thread... * +

soap983 18.09.13 - 11:28am
I visit this site with my mobile and of the 15 threads available on page 1 of the Games froum, 12 are GTA5 related. Overdoing it much? lol * +

pryerlee 18.09.13 - 01:03pm
Put under a UV (black) light, secret messages and
symbols will appear on the Special Edition map.
These symbols point to all sorts of hidden Easter
eggs * +

pryerlee 18.09.13 - 01:27pm
UFO: Located underwater along the northern edge of the map, you'll need a submarine to reach the crash site.
There's a secret message at the top of Mt. Chiliad, referring to a secret after completing the main story. Inside the gondola station is another cryptic image with Illuminati and alien symbols. * +

pryerlee 18.09.13 - 01:40pm
In the tutorial mission, locate this 'alien in ice' by taking your car off road and onto the frozen stream. Under the bridge, you'll locate this chilly extraterrestrial. * +

pryerlee 18.09.13 - 02:14pm
Location: Sandy Shores * +

gooji 18.09.13 - 02:27pm
Keep em coming * +

pryerlee 18.09.13 - 02:52pm
hidden symbol (under UV light) * +

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