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Official GTAV V guide - Page 46/46

Subject: Official GTAV V guide
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spanish.inquisition 2.10.13 - 02:50pm

@ bobdylan - 2.10.13 - 02:36pm
can u buy em on multi player? im trying on single player .... no board outside these properties that are advertised chin

Ah, I assumed you meant online.. I've not bought any houses in single player.. * +

bobdylan 2.10.13 - 04:40pm
think looking into it more u can only do it online * +

bobdylan 8.10.13 - 12:02pm
on gta social club chcking my stocks shows all my guys have stocks in los santos customs ..... but i havent? iv sone big money invested and there good investments so far but keeps showing massive losses because it says my los santos shares are doing so bad :/ * +

ash.k 1.12.13 - 03:07pm

@ pryerlee - 18.09.13 - 06:31pm
[Rare car location] Bugatti That street (in real life) is supposed to be Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The owner of the store (House of Bijan) used to park his Bugatti there but sadly died a couple of years ago, since then the car's become a landmark of Rodeo Drive so somebody still parks his car in front of the store every day.

Omg in going on now c if its there :) * +

spartan2 1.12.13 - 05:07pm
It sp*wns outside the shop there in the lay by. It's only just down the road from Michaels house. It's easy to drive past go back to Michaels house and when you come back it can resp*wn. I have nicked a couple early on and keep them in my garage but after I have billions from the stock market I bought the others I wanted * +

ementalm 2.12.13 - 01:13am

@ bobdylan - 2.10.13 - 11:57am
i found a property website last ight on the phone web, list of house for sale, puts adress in your gps, price on aplication ..... very nice ..... now how do u buy em? anybody???

if you mean on single player the propertys listed are for one of the single player stranger and freaks missions * +

sharkies 7.05.14 - 04:12pm
is this for gta v5 *

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