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Subject: ps3/psv/psp/pc/3ds/wii
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sir_kas 15.08.12 - 01:37am
All dead, now i don't own any of them anymore, getting 360 in October, the actual proper gaming machine... Yes majority 360 fanboys have gone from here but big daddy king kas 360 fanboy is still here proud * +

r4id3n84 15.08.12 - 03:17am
You got Rid off ya Vita? U loved rthat thing like a your own child lol * +

sir_kas 15.08.12 - 03:32am
psv is amazing piece of kit however Sony is totally not showing any love for it, no actual full remote play, no psx support, not much decent games and this 4 v 4 online is bollocks on resistance and cod, was it so damn hard to make it at least 8 v 8 max? i know it's down to devs etc but come on get real, im not a kid, im a sexy b****rd adult and i expect proper online with alot of players, otherwise i would have red ears or gotten a 3ds, same thing. * +

aus1gold 15.08.12 - 04:29am
Wasn't this tosser Kas mentioning how it was going on to be the next best thing? (Vita) man types out his ringpiece and his giro stretches to XBOX bargin bins at BlockBuster. Retire. Your reviews were 5hit and you make as much sense as your fellow virgin, js1983. * +

rpd.fire 15.08.12 - 07:36am
5hit facepalm * +

gerbil83 15.08.12 - 08:02am
LOL * +

adeeb222 15.08.12 - 08:40am
you wont be needing your ps3 and psv right courier it to me then now * +

rpd.fire 15.08.12 - 08:46am
like you were inboxing me asking me to send you my 360 modded controller facepalm * +

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