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Subject: blackberry classic
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loote 23.09.17 - 12:01am
Can anyone tel me does this phone run android apps and games * +

spunkydj 23.09.17 - 10:17pm
Yes it does although some apps and games slow at loading * +

lookslikezoom 16.10.17 - 06:47pm
Google is your best friend. I have the BlackBerry PRIV and it's android. The security on this phone beats apple's new I phone hands down. The new new BlackBerry keyone has just been launched here and that's on my shopping list. * +

lookslikezoom 24.10.17 - 07:09pm
Also seen the even newer blackberry motion has just been launched but I won't be interested in that because it doesn't have a physical qwerty keyboard. * +

spunkydj 4.02.18 - 06:37pm
you'll soon get rid of it as bb10 getting closed down in 2 years *

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