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Subject: memory card problem
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vincebal 10.04.16 - 09:10pm
Hey guys,I have a BB 9320 with a 2 gig card.I'm having a problem with the memory card available memory.I have 1 GiG worth of information on my card,and available memory left is 30 MB.when I format the card and transfer the stuff back onto the memory card it shows 700MB free which is fine,but gradually over 3 weeks somehow magically it gets back to 30MB free space.I want to know is it the memory card or the phone that's doing this? Thankz alot *

nosfratu 15.04.16 - 10:14pm
Do u format it via a pc or do u format it from within the phone self in options?
Make 100 sure u have no viruses on ur pc could be after the format ur card gets infected... There is an old virus stil going around that makes duplicate hidden copies of your files and replaces them with junk files. We used to call it the flash virus as it used to only infect flash memory like flashdrives hide the true content and. When u click on the junk it infects ur pc and so on and on and on. Use avira and mbam to scan ur sd everytime u connect to ur pc.. Oh mbam stands for malware bytes anti malware google should give their sites both are freeware and I live by these two.. Better than the best paid antivirus or malware software. *

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