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Subject: 9790 rebooting???
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spngbob 20.11.15 - 04:44am
Recently when I access web pages or open whatsapp or something similar,my keypad light flickers,like a globe that has a electrical short circuit,and then my phone reboots,even with batt above 50 percent!!! Is it time for a new batt and where do I find a decent one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg lol......??? Btw,it doesn't happen with phone on charger??? *

nosfratu 23.11.15 - 08:48am
Have it tested by a tecknician doesn't sound like battery problem. I have almost similar problem on my 9900 Bold just mine doesn't flicker it just reboots on occasion when I'm on the internet specially using the default browser even here on prodigits most of the time. Are u in cape town .... http://www.blackberryrepair.co.za/ I had this guy fix my Playbook.. *

spngbob 6.12.15 - 06:01am
Thanx Nos,replaced with original BB batt and all problems at an end.......!!! :-D *

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