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Subject: car polish/wax
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wettoast 8.12.13 - 01:13pm
just put some tough coat on a peugeot 3008, did the whole car in about 20 mins, piece of pi*s to use chav * +

spngbob 16.12.13 - 06:56pm
why do they state on polish directions not to let wax get on the black rubber or plastic of the car??? I polished the plastic inserts on my Almera and they now look a darn sight better??? * +

wettoast 16.12.13 - 09:04pm
maybe because a polish has abbrasives and can leave a white residue that is fking hard to get off. some waxes or sealants can go on black trim or you can get a separate product that's actually designed for plastic trim * +

spartan2 17.12.13 - 12:20am
Most black plastic and rubber treatments are gels. They are designed for the purpose and last longer. Generally you don't have to apply them too often. Bit like leather balm. Couple times a year usually enough to keep it healthy. If you don't do it though just like leather the plastics and rubber can fade, get brittle and crack. * +

wettoast 17.12.13 - 10:10am
I tried autoglym plastic and bumper gel and it lasted a week on my plastic sills lol but still working pretty good on my door mirrors * +

wettoast 22.12.13 - 11:48pm
get some sonax bsd, thank me later idol * +

0.0 27.12.13 - 11:36pm
i know this topic is like 3 years old now but isnt it advised not to wax a fresh spray? wait 30 days maybe * +

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