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Subject: Nissan GTR
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slick_01 12.06.17 - 09:32pm
Nice bike, which one is it?
By the way I don't know how to post pics from my gallery, I can post from the net but not from my gallery * +

critical 12.06.17 - 10:32pm
it's a suzuki gsxr 600 srad.....with a srad 750 lump in it.......if you make a group on here upload your pics....then go back in the photo link scroll down and you will see hotlink for forums and blogs, just copy and paste the link in the forum...but use new pro...do not use old pro, and don't try and paste the link from you photo gallery in my stuff nono * +

a_loner 13.06.17 - 11:43am

@ critical - 12.06.17 - 04:42pm
here's my latest purchase

You are a bike stunting hooligan!
Nice! *

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