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Rumbling noise at low revs only??? - Page 1/1

Subject: Rumbling noise at low revs only???
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spngbob 20.08.17 - 07:50pm
I recently had to replace the cam and crank sensors on my 05 Almera N16, and at the same time asked the mechy to do a service? Now about a month after, when i drive forward, there seems to be some rumbling noize coming from the right hand side top of the engine compartment, but only when going forward and at lows revs... Like just when letting the clutch out, but quiet when reversing or at higher revs??? Could it be that he put sub standard/ wrong oil in and that it could be causing it???

This is really worrying as previously she ran so quiet i had to get out and kick the tire to see if she's idling??? but u get the picture......!!!! * +

ladibud 24.08.17 - 09:17am
How does kicking a tyre show if the car is idling.. I am no mechanical genius but.. . * +

spngbob 24.08.17 - 07:26pm
It's just an old saying..... * +

ladibud 24.08.17 - 09:58pm
Ah ok oopslol * +

sparky04 30.10.17 - 04:35am
Could be your cranks haft pulley or idler mate. Had exactly the same on my jaguar. On the pulley theres like a rubber doughnut holding both parts of the pulley together just a thought. * +

spngbob 9.11.17 - 06:50pm
Thamx for the feedback. Recently though she has started jumping out of 5th gear while driving :-( if i keep my hand on the gear lever it stays in 5th, but the moment i let go it jumps out??? Funny thing though.....? This does not happen if i drive with the aircon on??? Any ideas??? New gearbox oil??? * +

photon1 30.04.18 - 04:55am
Flywheel *

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