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Subject: keep dust out???
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spngbob 1.04.13 - 06:30pm
Ok,so it may be a silly question,bt mayb sum1 has a miracle solution? I stay on a plot and really battle to keep the dust out of my car? I have checked the door rubbers and all seem to be fine! But still the dust creeps in...even past the doors onto the back seat!!! It is really irritating and I always turn bright red when sum1 has to travel with me??? Any ideas with my dilemma,short of moving,lol??? *

spngbob 1.04.13 - 06:33pm
oh? and for sum reason the back doors are worse than the front??? *

spngbob 1.04.13 - 08:39pm
no takers??? *

spartan2 1.04.13 - 11:17pm
It is difficult. Always go through dusty areas with your windows up and blowers off, all vents shut. Fine dust is difficult to keep out. My father parks his car in a dusty trade yard all day and it is impossible to keep it out of the interior although he has all leather. You could always have interior fabrics protected to make them easier to clean e.g scotchgard *

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