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Subject: * I LOVE MY Mini! *
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schizzo 28.11.08 - 07:54pm
The mpi cooper that came with the sportspack wheels? Vtec idea was put on hold,have got something new in mind but looking at a few other options, uno turbo(scarce),nissan exa turbo(1.5 turbo but underpowered),b16a6 (118kw standard,and honda,good combination, 4age silvertop (127kw , blacktop 141kw with vvti,considering this aswell) and the 2.0lt redtop opel (110kw,underpowered in my opinion) * +

shash_zn 29.11.08 - 03:55am
Do those motors drop straight in without any modification?how about the 1300 turbo motor from the toyota starlet? * +

schizzo 29.11.08 - 04:27am
Lol,nothing in life is that easy,not sure about the ut frame but u need to cut out the one inner wing,exa turbo fits with no mods to the body,b16 ,toy 20v and redtop need a frame that the motor bolts to,and the frame bolts to the car,both inner wings need to be cut with all 3 these motors,redtop cant fit under standard roundnose,b16 needs mod to bulkhead if u intend on using standard intake. * +

mikeymk 21.02.19 - 05:08am

@ dr.4gott - 27.11.08 - 09:42am
The new mini is nothing but a marketing gimic. they only took the legend's pride away. Theres nothing mini about it anyway.

I always agreed with this guy. In fact, when the BMW MINI was introduced in 2001 i was a classic Mini fan, i'd had a few of them, and i wouldn't accept the new car simply because it wasn't a Mini.

Now i own one, an R56 Cooper.

What changed? Not much, it's still not a Mini. But it is a very good little car. And you can't blame BMW for using the badge to market an interesting and well-engineered city car.

Some of you may remember i had a 1985 VW Polo Coupe S 16v, that was great fun in an old-skool way. But i got seriously injured in that car.

These days i simply can't put my daughter in a dangerous old car. The new MINIs are passing like a missed opportunity for small car enthusiasts who won't have one because of the politics - they're better than Fiestas, Corsas, 107, Polo etc.. It's a nice car, it's nice to drive. Bang-up-to-date engines in every generation, great chassis.. It has better visibility than you'd think because the pillars are vertical, post-box windscreen, frame-less doors, clamshell bonnet, great interior build/quality feel.

I like mine, even though it looks like a horrified Panda bear and has no boot space.. But what do you think of them? *

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