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Subject: 08 Honda Civic TypeR
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iluvmima 17.07.08 - 07:08am
Okay so most ppl think the car is slow bcoz of it average accel, the thing is, the car aint slow or lazy as sum think. When the car is standing still u cant rev it higher than 4000rpm, thats why the accel figures look so poor. I drove it yesterday and its fast, really! Very nice interior also! * +

roninuk 17.07.08 - 08:30am
Better yet why not pay the bit extra and import the proper full blooded type r from japan? * +

roninuk 17.07.08 - 08:39am
From what i have heard i think i would prefer the previous type r. The rear live axle in new model is supposed to be a pain through the corners. Where the ep3 had independent rear suspension. * +

sucker 18.07.08 - 12:59am
but the japs love the fn2 so much so that they are getting it over there. I've added a few things to my fn2 the last month.....kw coilovers, induction kit, ecu remap, carbon fiber lower splitter and rear defuser, milltek exhaust, decat pipe, wheel alignment and tracking adjusted to race spec, camber adjusted after fitting adjustable bolts. Replaced pads and discs all round bigger discs better pads * +

sucker 18.07.08 - 01:07am
and its booked in for limited slip diff next week. Car was quick before and sounded great before but now its even better. As for the adverage acceleration being slow, its 6.6 secs 0-62mph on a standard fn2 which is the same as the ep3! Did you know that according to ford the current st 0-62 time is 6.8. The vtec point has also been lowered so you can reach it quicker and more often. Reason it dont * +

sucker 18.07.08 - 01:15am
go over 4000rpm when stationary is so you can use this as a launch controll. And roninuk you can get a jmd fd2 which is the j*p type r for 17k in the uk which is less than a fn2! As for the rear suspension i think you've been watching top gear. Car handles like its glued to the road. You have to wonder why if its supposedly so bad why even die hard ep3 owners have been converted and love the car? * +

sucker 18.07.08 - 01:17am
and why is this post headed up 08 Honda civic type r as its been out since 28 of feb 2007! * +

leexr2i 18.07.08 - 01:18am
I still want a teg dc2! * +

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