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Subject: Car quiz
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boss27 2.10.06 - 05:57pm
Come on petrol-heads lets test each others knowledge...I'll kick it off, if you get it right, you ask the next question...Lets keep it fair... No googling * +

dchick 2.10.06 - 08:09pm
i c no question lol * +

boss27 2.10.06 - 09:13pm
Sorry got side tracked...Here we go...Easy one, who made the first car? * +

flamem 2.10.06 - 11:30pm
henry ford i think * +

raw22 2.10.06 - 11:56pm
Benz he named it mercedes benz after his daughter mercedes * +

mixdup 3.10.06 - 08:12am
think ur rite on that 1...was called the horseless-carriage or sumthin was like over a hundred yrs ago i think was in gt4...i won it n it runs the 400m 1m30s or sumthin stupid...real yuppy toy back in the day...why buy it, a dropped screw is faster...wats d next question * +

boss27 3.10.06 - 10:49am
Sorry guys and girls, i broke my toe this morning so i haven't had a gap to post the answer- according to my history knowledge, benze was the first car, so raw22 is right. You can ask now. * +

actquick 3.10.06 - 03:15pm

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