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Clutch cable snapped - Page 1/1

Subject: Clutch cable snapped
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bobdylan 25.02.17 - 11:00am
Was miles away from home too , had a spare clutch cable on me (yay)
Had no tools tho (doh2)
Managed to drive the 40 odd miles home with out the clutch , ended up been quite a enjoyable run . The real challenge was not stopping ! *

spartan2 25.02.17 - 10:59pm
I have driven a car with a broken cable tensioner a short distance like that to limp somewhere useful but it's not something I would advise unless you are constantly nailing the changes, the downshifts are the hardest thing! Well done. *

4juice 14.08.17 - 09:02pm
Impressive, sometimes i try to stop my vehicle without clutch and keep moving and it is so difficult. *

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