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Subject: What car
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wald0 8.09.16 - 08:37am
Do you daily and weekend? For me it's the gf''s tsi Leon mk2 an a mk2 mx5 1.6 yes hairdressers car but deadly cool wee cars lol * +

dakillar 8.09.16 - 01:12pm
Daily Citroen C1 1.0 gf car, and weekends and roadtrips my lovely white 2007 Volvo S40 2.0D Powershift * +

mok214 10.09.16 - 06:03pm
My 2010 Chevy Z-71 truck is my daily vehicle because that is my work vehicle. My weekend car is my 1966 VW Beetle. * +

wald0 17.09.16 - 08:43am
Not bad not bad guys beetle is very nice choice mok214 also love American pick ups but really expensive in the UK * +

somerson 18.09.16 - 12:36pm
My friend had such a beetle. A bright yellow it was and we all was in love with her. She even had a name lol. It was Pampoen (pumpkin). It was a sad day we were told he sold Pampoen. Just last Tuesday we talked about our beetle again. Yeah we all had seen Pampoen as ours lol. He still regrets selling her. Was about 17 years ago now. * +

mok214 19.09.16 - 05:29am
My beetle is red with flames and has firebug written in flaming letters on the side of the bonnet. * +

somerson 20.09.16 - 05:50pm
Aaww got now a pic in mind of that. Loove it. And Firebug too. Real fitting. Like it. * +

braxtonx 21.09.16 - 09:43pm
Juke nismo * +

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