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Subject: Name of your machine?
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srk_97 27.10.14 - 08:22am
While many of us own vehicles to run our daily errands, some among us are too obsessed with their machines (motor freaks lol). We even go on giving the machine a name of our choice. Have you ever loved and cared or be impressed with a machine so much that you gave it a name? What is it then? I am in a few days getting a KTM RC390 bike and am already so much excited about it that i want to name it. I am thinking of Mean Machine as name. You may infact suggest me a name for it. Thanks! * +

mok214 3.11.14 - 07:23am
I never bothered to give a name to a vehicle. Oh wait, I did have Firebug painted onto my 1966 VW Beetle * +

srk_97 4.11.14 - 04:38am
firebug...is a cool one lol * +

sug4r 12.11.14 - 12:08pm
Firefly,rocket,chips,cruiser,crash,thor,wizzer,killer,beast,speedy,b***h,dawg * +

mikeymk 22.11.14 - 02:19am
I think my car is great. It probably deserves a name.

But I love my fridge more, and my phone, so until I name them, the car can wait. * +

jager45 23.03.15 - 03:11pm
i stil have my e38 740i 4.4 ;) * +

xxlee 24.03.15 - 04:36pm
over 4 months between mikey and jagers reply, * +

john_163 28.03.15 - 09:44am
Amd fx 8350 tease * +

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