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Subject: Shell v power nitro+ ?
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spngbob 25.08.13 - 10:25am
See Shell is advertising a new brand of petrol here in good old SA? V-power nitro+? No need to add NOS manually then? Rofl Any ideas from anyone? :-) * +

wettoast 25.08.13 - 05:25pm
expect a 1hp gain if you are lucky and its a cold day * +

spartan2 25.08.13 - 06:05pm
Vpower nitro+++ ultra mega hyper snort thrust out next week. Unless you have a performance car capable of adjusting to a higher RON then it does nothing. If you do you can gain performance but it relies on the machinery to use it * +

spngbob 26.08.13 - 07:22pm
so then why all the hype and advertising? Great performance gain,etc etc? Marketing gimmic so we can pay extra for fuel that doesn't give any benefit at all??? * +

spartan2 26.08.13 - 10:41pm
Performance gains will happen with quality machinery but the hype is also to make average joe believe it'll make his 1.4 golf into a monster or make dad believe his car will get better fuel economy to pay for it. They won't. But if you have a modern M3 or an Evo or the like you will likely get more power. Have to have a fairly modern performance engine that can adjust to higher octane fuel and you WILL see an increase * +

andkentx 18.09.13 - 01:25am
bp extra works well for me * +

spartan2 18.09.13 - 11:51pm
To be honest Tescos 99 is supposed to be the top dog but all I can get within a reasonable distance is Esso premium 97. So that's what I use. * +

polo_011 1.10.13 - 11:21pm
I'll stick to my 93 Unleaded. These high octane fuels really are meant for your very high performance cars. * +

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