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2005 almera starting issue? - Page 1/1

Subject: 2005 almera starting issue?
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spngbob 17.07.13 - 07:47pm
For the past couple of days my almera battles to start in the mornings,I have to pump the petrol pedal a few times first,and this is unusual for her,as she normally starts on the 1st turn of the key! Also if I drive a bit hard for a while and stop at an intersection, she dies bt starts rite up again? Any ideas? Dirty injectors? Spark issue? Plug leads? I have to add that she had a full service not 3 months ago,and got a clean bill of health? * +

spngbob 17.07.13 - 08:03pm
oh,and she's parked at work all day,and in the evening when leaving for home,starts on the first turn of the key again??? Maybe sumtin to do with the winter cold at night??? She sleeps outside in a carport??? * +

spngbob 18.07.13 - 07:09pm
quiet in here??? * +

spngbob 19.07.13 - 08:21pm
oi? no takers? sad * +

tttthhee 25.07.13 - 05:16am
Cud av sum s**t pickt up out of the sender in the tank,sounds petrol starvin,Petrol pump probly need a new 1,cud av krap in the carb, jets blocked * +

tttthhee 25.07.13 - 05:18am
Otherwords itz a fkin shed get it scr*pt lol * +

spngbob 25.07.13 - 07:07pm
shows what u know about almeras.....no almera has ever seen a carb or jets???? Fuel injection banana brain......! rofl *

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