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Subject: top 3 best cars ever!
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crail 29.08.16 - 12:37am
. * +

phillwin 30.08.16 - 12:07am
Citron xantear purgo 406 ford escort * +

mikeymk 23.09.16 - 02:53am
I did reply. Why was it all deleted? It's not even a Golf. Pretty pointless putting anything up if it's all gonna be wiped off. Better off taking the pic down and all comments on the car, instead of leaving half a story up, mods. * +

campa 23.09.16 - 10:52pm

@ spartan2 - 5.08.16 - 12:09am
An early 90s Astra F GSI 2.0 150bhp red top was about 1100kg. So unless that mk2 1300 Golf (about 950kg out the factory) has been rebuilt entirely out of carbon fibre with an all alloy engine and gearbox it's not gonna be 50 percent lighter and weigh 550kg lol.gif

Just out of interest, I've just googled. 1991 astra gsi, kerb weight 1095 kg. 1985 polo gt (guesstimate based on reg and the fact that it'sa polo not a golf) kerb weight 730kg. Ooh, there's 200 kg saved just by swapping the golf badge back to the origina polo one * +

spartan2 9.10.16 - 02:44pm
Meh who cares? It's an old VW polo. I didn't even care enough to look at the photo properly. I hardly think a 30 year old polo will qualify in the top 3 cars ever made which this topic was about. If you desperately want to talk about your car you could at least try and make your own topic instead of using this one as a pretence for something nobody is really bothered about.... * +

konflict 12.03.18 - 07:45pm
lancia delta integrale
audi 100 quatro
porsche 959 * +

stratboy 14.07.18 - 04:44am

@ whippy1 - 15.03.14 - 05:01am
vauxhall chevette

Thumbsup *

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