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Subject: almera batt issues?
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spngbob 16.05.13 - 07:12pm
Anyone else ever experienced problems with an Almera,where the batt constantly runs flat during the night??? I have replaced the batt and had the alternator repaired,but still the same??? If I disconnect a terminal at night and reconnect in the morning,then its fine??? *

spngbob 16.05.13 - 07:17pm
I have checked with a local mechanic and he reckons its either the anti theft system, a dead short sumwer, or a bad earth connection??? however, the new batt ran fine for +- 2 weeks,until I had to use the headlights one evening and then it started again??? any ideas anyone??? *

spartan2 16.05.13 - 11:50pm
You need a multimeter connected between the negative of the battery pole, and the negative battery lead set to read amps. If you see it pulling a fair amount like more than 50mA odd you have a drain. You leave it connected and go rip the fuses out one by one until you find the one where the load drops on the multimetere and hey presto..... *

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