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Subject: One for the old school ppl
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schizzo 2.09.11 - 05:34am
So im looking at a few things and formulating a project for next year,but i am left with a few questions. How much kws/nm can you put through a standard mk2 escort diff without it breaking? Is there a easy swop for the escort ie not having to shorten the diff? If you take a standard diff and lock it, will it be handle abit more punishment over the stock diff? What brake upgrades are avail? * +

blueoval 2.09.11 - 03:34pm
U ask alot of difficult questions ther bro.. 1st of al u can only lock a std diff fo dirt application. Itl brake sides hafts on tarmac. Thers no easy swop fo a mk2 escort, ul hav to change d entire rear suspention to accomodate a zf centre portion for instance. D standard wudnt handle much, to b honest, it cnt even handle stock power lol! I cnt answer ur quest bout brake upgrades. * +

schizzo 2.09.11 - 03:39pm
I dont worry bout a complete swop like a m75 diff, just dont want to have a diff shortened * +

turbozx 1.10.11 - 10:11pm
Take a diff of a car with a bigger engine.do the swap with the axles of the diff ur intending to use also wheels too.and use ur expertise to get it to fit and work properly. * +

turbozx 1.10.11 - 10:13pm
Quite simple * +

turbozx 1.10.11 - 10:19pm
Quite simple, a diff from a car which cud handle massive torque wud have strong axles which wnt easily break wud be best for swap like using a mustang or corvette diff with axles *

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