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Subject: rxi front bumper
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elipsis 8.02.10 - 03:14pm
so guys.a lil incident hapend to me last week.during a storm while driving on the freeway,a billboard came lose an flew into the front of my car while doin about 120km/h.luckily i saw it in tym an slowd down a bit an it jus *it my front bumper.anyway da nex morn i a55 essd da damage an da bumper was literaly f@*ed.i was gona buy a new bumper wen da lil boy in me came up wid a brilliant idea..... * +

elipsis 8.02.10 - 03:19pm
i decided to try an fix it an respray it an make it into a one of a kind rxi bumper dat no1 wil eva hav.so since da air dam in da bumper was annihilated by da bilboard i had no other option but to cut it owt.i then decided to make it into a huge air dam wid black mesh.afta doin that i fibre glassd where eva the bumper was crackd and that was evrywer.then came da rub down,primer an paint. * +

elipsis 8.02.10 - 03:22pm
at the end of it all the bumper came owt perfect.i cud not c not 1 fault.it basicaly came owt like a honda civic vtec bumper wid da big air dam,but way beta.im actualy proud of myself as dis was my 1st attempt to do this kinda thing an i went along widowt a hicup and a perfect final product that luks amazing. * +

badass1 8.02.10 - 03:29pm
Pics pics pics!!! * +

elipsis 8.02.10 - 04:02pm
lol.erm.im very embarasd to ask dis,but how da hel do u put pics in ur wap site * +

abott 8.02.10 - 04:55pm
Apparently fibregla55 is easy to work with,once get used to working with resin? * +

mixdup 8.02.10 - 05:56pm
good job bro...yeah post some pics!!! still want rxi but finding a virgin is gettin harder and harder * +

elipsis 8.02.10 - 06:09pm
i know sum1 dat has a 99 rsi for sale,but it needs sum attention like a respray an new rings and valve stem seals as its smoking heavy after 5500rpm * +

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