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Subject: supra?
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elipsis 22.10.09 - 04:51pm
wats up guys.do any of u know wen and if they gona release da new supra.and any1 got da stats on it.apparently its gona be a hybrid of sum sort but a realy high performance 1.i heard 4sec 0-100 myt b achievd wid it. * +

marothi 22.10.09 - 05:17pm
Toyota don't make cool cars anymore. Apparently it's against their business rules * +

elipsis 22.10.09 - 07:23pm
heard bowt dat 2.so uncool.but dats wer da new supra in as a part hybrid.i duno,jus google it an c. * +

eatem 27.10.09 - 10:55pm
why you care its not worth perving over sumthing that looks cool in books and movies. Go to the scr*pyard build your own beast * +

mrbennet 29.10.09 - 10:03am
toyota had become like a low budget movie, its cr*p to watch, and no wood, capish? * +

turbozx 31.10.09 - 08:58pm
I also wud love to see nissan build a new 300zx jus as there is a new r35.although there are 350z and 370z.i prefer zx sounds more legendary. * +

turbozx 31.10.09 - 09:03pm
Toyota wont build a new supra because of the pressure of competition and critics they wud stick to making suvs,trucks and sedans until one day they might build a new supra or another sports car which wud dominate. * +

draft 1.11.09 - 02:25am
New supra wnt b anythin close to old 1. Just like a 35 gtr isint as cook as a 32 gtr. *

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