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Subject: sg2 battery question
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dorian2k 23.05.12 - 05:50am
let me ask this question i noticed a few times that when ireboot my phone (i think each time i use CWMmanager to reboot, into recover, or just anormal reboot) my battery graph shows avertical dip of around 5 after its back on. isthis normal?i checked it, coz my battery life is great, but idid a reboot today and noticed the battery islower than it usually is at this time of day isit normal? * +

saif7 23.05.12 - 06:40am
its normal it happen in every android .i think * +

dorian2k 23.05.12 - 08:34pm
oh ok * +

gr8guy78 23.05.12 - 09:37pm
He only 'thinks' though * +

dorian2k 26.05.12 - 01:06am
also my phone seems to heat alot especialy wen playing games.. is this also normal * +

gr8guy78 26.05.12 - 01:54am
My phone heats too * +

cheatman 27.05.12 - 09:41pm
guys you could fry an egg with it... cool * +

raymion 29.05.12 - 02:33am
dude even my laptop heat when am playing games lol compare to a laptop my android give more play time browse time on time etc to be a mini puter i wont complain *

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