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Are you okay with lack of mem expansion? - Page 3/3

Subject: Are you okay with lack of mem expansion?
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stefdag 31.03.12 - 04:06pm

@ cr4zy0n3 - 30.03.12 - 07:22pm
admins are working good on windows forum...i was about to post a completely non offensive remark to lew and the post got deleted dislike

Thank you :-) :-) * +

saif7 1.04.12 - 08:42am
still windows phone has many loopholes and admins trying to cover it crazy * +

polo_011 1.04.12 - 10:33am
Its not admins fault mate, its a WP user who cant handle the truth and has a fit every time something negative is posted there, its better we leave him to his deluded world nod. Anyway back on topic, lets not talk about the dead platform windows phone and its mem lack of mem expansion. Hopefuly the GS3 will have mem expansion, Samsung after all sell their own aluminium finish MicroSDs. * +

tophe 1.04.12 - 07:05pm

@ dorian2k - 30.03.12 - 11:59pm
hmm which of the dorian u ppl talking abt here? hope it aint me

It is definitely you pmpl *

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