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looking for chatty people (0) wkdlad
looking for friends (1) heavenzdevil19
I like to talk. (6) loudmouth
wants new buds (5) sxyj0j0
Wow, it's been a while... [8] loudmouth
is amazing [18] joybags
think my buddy list has broke [9] 4lasapha
wanted!!!! (6) munchken
only gat 1 Bud Awwwwww (1) ulsterm1
New here dont know how to use it lol [8] jaymehh
Middle bit... [7264] frutcake
scouter.rover or ranger [13] shabb07
New Last letter game [12879] joybags
Any of my buds still on here? (5) mike1806
new buds (7) orchidpink


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