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> chat admins
+ Write /f username to seacrh for a user in chat system.
+ When writing a message use - send to - function to send private message (pm) to a user. You can also click username in chat room and then select send pm link ..
+ You can add emoticons to your chat messages.

+You can turn emoticon display off from settings

+ 1-2-1 private chat feature! Chat with your friend in your own room, no need to set a password and it's very easy to start private chat session. Just select your friends name and click invite to private chat. If he/she accepts your request a link will appear to enter chat room, if won't, nothing happens..
Note: You can leave private chat room and enter other public chat rooms and then return back to your private room. A link to return back to private chat will appear in the public rooms..
Private chat requests will appear in users screen for 5 minutes then deleted.
If you send a private chat request to another user the previous user will be logged off from your room.
+ You can block users in chat. If you block a user he/she can't be able to send you pms and private chat requests for 1 hour.
+ You can create a private room and set a password for it. If you set a password, no one can enter your room unless they enter the password.
For example you want to chat privately with your friends, first create a channel and set a password.
Tell your room name and password to your friends in chat via popup message, private chat message, chat invitation or inbox message. They will then click join-create a channel link, enter private room name and password to join your private chat room.
Private chat rooms are deleted after 24 hours of inactivity. Only the user who opened the channel can change room password..
+ You can select if you want to display time of the chat messages. You can also set the time for your country from time zone option..
+ set time zone
+ time display
+ You can select how many rows of message will be displayed in chat rooms.. If your connection is fast and phone screen is large you can increase the number of rows to be displayed..
+ chat log
+ If you want you can change the room refresh time period..
+ refresh time
+You can use templates, click the link below to see the list.
+ shortcuts
+ You can change time zone, number of rows in chat rooms, clipart - time display settings and refresh time from options menu..
+ options
+ You can receive popup messages in chat.
+ Chat online list displays the users online in last 5 minutes. If a user quit chat or won't load a page for 5 minutes then he/she will appear offline..
[9] chat main

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