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These are the most common ones used in chat, forums, messages etc...
PMPL ~ piss my pants laughing
PMSL ~ piss myself laughing
ROFL ~ roll on floor laughing
LMAO ~ laugh my ass off
ROFLMAO ~ roll on floor laughing my ass off
LOL ~ laugh out loud or lots of laugh
ASL ~ age, sex, location?
PPL ~ people
PLS ~ please
BTW ~ by the way
OMG ~ oh my god!
TC ~ take care
BBS ~ be back soon
BRB ~ be right back
BBL ~ be back later
BFN ~ bye for now
x x ~ kisses
FYI ~ for your information
IMO ~ in my opinion
GTG ~ got to go
GNGB ~ goodnight god bless
CWL ~ crying with laughter
TVGC ~ take very good care
LTNS ~ long time no see
TTFN ~ ta ta for now
BS ~ bullsh*t
ATM ~ at the moment

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