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Crazy Drunk Man Running Game

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Crazy Drunk Man Running Game Android Game

Do you want to help drunk man walk without falling? If yes, then try this FREE funny running game by guiding the drunk man to the road, and achieve the best time.

The object is to control drunk Erik and help him walk or run as long as possible. You can control the drunken man by using your phone's accelerometer. The goal is to keep the poor Erik up right for a long period, without letting him fall down and if he falls down, you will lose. It has eye popping graphics with three beautiful themes: village, city and Metropolitan which includes buildings, roads, greenery, twinkling stars, moon etc.

Sounds easy? Give a try now! The goal seems very easy but it will challenge you a lot!

Crazy Drunk Man run is a simple free game designed for entertainment purpose only. You'll love it and will play it again and again!!

Game requires skill, presence of mind and patience. It gives a thrilling ride while being very addictive.Get ready to train your brain and give a good exercise to your overloaded or exhausted mind.


1. A very simple and classic yet addicting user interface.
2. You can select different themes: village, metropolitan and city.
3. Very simple accelerometer feature: Just tilt your phone left or right to control the man.
4. Keep track of all your previous scores (in meters).
5. Engaging HD graphics and great voice-overs.
6. Develops concentration and focus.
7. The controls are very simple and user friendly.

Time killer game, perfect for whenever you are feeling bored in buses, trains or long journeys.

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